TWO WAYS TO TRAIN! 1. With a Trainer: An experienced instructor will lead the students through basic operator safety, identification of parts of the equipment, initial operations of the controls, and the simulator modules. 2. Stand-Alone Simulator Rental: You can rent the simulator without the services of a trainer. Locate it in your training office for up to two-weeks. Contact for current rental rates.

Train New Operators

To ensure that the trainee learns how to safely operate the equipment in on-the-job conditions, the simulator tracks numerous safety violations such as:

  • Failure to maintain clearance with power lines
  • Driving too closely to open trenches
  • Operating too closely to personnel, vehicle cabs, or buildings.

Specific Safety Hazards are programmed into each lesson, and the trainee is informed immediately when a safety violation is detected. Operators will be scored in terms of estimated job costs to emphasize the financial impact of their performance. Each lesson is assigned a budget based on costs for a typical operator to complete a job. The equipment owning, operating costs and operator labor costs will be tallied over the course of the lesson and compared to the budgeted amount.
An efficient operator makes profit!

New Operator Training 16 Hour Course: $1,200 for first student; $800 for one additional student

  • Class Size is limited to a maximum of 2 operators in order to maximize “hands-on” training time in the simulator.
  • The course is held on Friday/ Saturday, 8 hours per day.
  • Sessions will be held at the designated NUCA of DC Simulator Training Facility for the particular date scheduled.
  • Simulator can be transported to a requested NUCA of DC member site – Complementary for all members!

Evaluate Operators

Our One Hour Simulator Evaluation will enable you to send one of your existing operators or a potential new hire to have their skills evaluated in a secure and objective environment. This option also enables you to review the skills of a potential new-hire as part of your hiring process.

Simulator Modules include:

  • Operator Controls Overview
  • Placement for Trenching
  • End of Day Parking
  • Dig & Load in a Truck
  • Dig a Level Trench
  • Set a Trench Box
  • Pick up and Set a Pipe
  • Load & Unload onto a Trailer

Operator Evaluation: 1 Hour Session: $350

The operator evaluation sessions can be scheduled upon request, up to 5 sessions per month per member.


Your company can rent the simulator to place in your training office for a length of time that works for your individual training needs.  You will be able to explore all the training modules in your own time, but without the intensified instruction that our qualified instructor provides.

Simulator Rental:

First day:  $300.
Each additional day:  $200

Longer term rates are available; contact for details.

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