Sample Letter for Essential Employees to travel in areas under Stay At Home Orders

As some NUCA  members are experiencing through enforcement of their Governor’s stay-at-home (SAH) order, NUCA National has drafted a sample “essential letter” template that our members can customize for their employees traveling through quarantined areas.     We have uploaded this sample letter to the website  – See link below!


If you think your employees may need a “travel pass” in your area of business, please feel free to use this template.  While this letter may not satisfy LEOs or code enforcement entities who are stopping vehicles checking on travel needs, we believe having a company document with the employee stating our essential industry position to infrastructure maintenance and repair in a local community is better than nothing at all.

Please make sure that you verify your final letter on your company letterhead with your own legal counsel before committing to its use!

Sample Covid-19 Essential Letter Template FINAL 04-02-20


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