NUCA College Scholarship Applications Due 5/27

The 2017 application deadline is May 27.

Available Scholarships

D.A. Foster Memorial Scholarship

$8,000 award ($2,000/year over four years)

NUCA $4,000 Scholarship

$4,000 award ($1,000/year over four years)

William & Shirley Burgett Scholarship

$2,000 one-time award

NUCA $1,000 Scholarship

$1,000 award ($500/year over two years for those enrolling in two-year programs)

Submission Criteria

Submission Deadline: May 27, 2017 by midnight (EST)

Eligibility: Any high school senior whose parent or legal guardian is employed by a NUCA member company in good standing at the time of the application deadline may apply. This includes dependents of employees of NUCA members, high school student employees of NUCA members, and dependents of NUCA Chapter Executive Directors.

Required Documentation:

  • – 3 Signatures: applicant, parent/guardian, and high school counselor
  • – Official transcript, signed by counselor
  • – SAT or ACT test score documentation, signed by counselor (not required for those entering a 2 year degree program)
  • – Signed letter of recommendation from a high school faculty member


How Applications Are Judged: Selections will be based on the overall worthiness of the applicant by a panel of judges chosen from NUCA membership by the NUCA Scholarship Committee. The Committee will consider standardized test scores (SAT, ACT, etc.), community service and extra-curricular activities, career goals, work experience, essay, and other information required in the application. Applications and transcripts will not be returned, and scoring will not be divulged. Judging decisions are final. Judges will decide impartially and without respect to the identity of any applicant. Judges will award the greatest value scholarship to the highest scoring applicant and award the remainder in descending order of value and merit. Judges will also select a first and second alternate in the event that an announced winner is subsequently disqualified or declines award prior to issuance of the award checks in the late summer. Alternates will not be announced.

Confidentiality of Applications: Information on the applications will be retained in confidence and used for no purpose other than this competition. Applications will be destroyed by NUCA after they are no longer necessary records. Applications and transcripts will not be returned. Please note that we ask permission to use winning applicants’ essays in NUCA publications, presentations and/or exhibits. Please sign the release where requested. If you are a winner, we will also request your photograph for use in these publications.

Award Notification: Applications will be judged and winners announced by Friday, July 14, 2017, and notified by phone and email shortly after.

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