DC Water reminds District residents that tap water is safe

Announcement from DC Water:


During this unprecedented outbreak, we would like to remind the public that disinfectants used to treat drinking water are effective against COVID-19. The Washington Aqueduct’s water treatment process includes two stages of disinfection before it enters DC Water’s distribution system. The first stage is free chlorine and the second is chloramine, both very effective at killing viruses.

Additionally, residual disinfection levels throughout our pipe distribution system remain at effective levels to keep water clean and safe. In fact, next week begins our annual switch to chlorine that helps clean the pipes.

We continue to monitor the water quality, repair broken water mains and maintain the distribution system. We have suspended water service disconnections so that District residents and essential employees have the water they need to protect their health.

“We have all seen store shelves emptied out during the past two weeks, but there’s no public health reason to stockpile bottled water,” said DC Water CEO and General Manager David L. Gadis. “There has been no disruption in our ability to provide clean, safe drinking water to our customers and we will continue to do so throughout this crisis.”

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