DDOT Suspension of Work 1/13-1/24 – UPDATE

Today’s symposium on the January 13 – January 24 Suspension of Work was incredibly well attended.  Over a dozen NUCA members had multiple representatives in attendance, along with General Contractors such as Clark, Balfour Beatty and more.

Presenting at the meeting were DDOT, Metro Police Department, OSHA, DCRA and the Secret Service.

The details on the Exemption process:

*Exemptions are allowed for cause in limited cases
*Exemption requests must be submitted by Friday, January 6
*Exemptions requests must be submitted by email to elliott.garrett@dc.gov

*Include the word “Exemption” in the title of the email

The Exemption request must include the following information:
  • Public Space permit number(s) for the work zone
     Construction Permits
Occupancy Permits
  • Location of work zone
  • Day(s) and Hours for the exemption
  • Nature/phase of work taking place during the exemption
  • Basis/rationale for the exemption
  • 24 hour emergency contact name, phone number, and email address
Other key items:
All work sites MUST be secured with adequate fencing and/or barriers
Control site access and require proper identification on site
Lock all gates and doors after hours
You must properly remove, secure or store all small or portable equipment
You must properly remove, secure or store all hazardous materials
Ensure sites are properly lighted
Ensure sites are properly alarmed, monitored and/or provided with private security
Ensure all vehicles on site are locked and the keys are stored in a separate site, away from the vehicles
NOTE that Secret Service may install additional fencing around sites in the secure perimiter
Secret Service personnel must be able to gain 24×7 access to a site in the perimeter
A foreman or site manager must be available  to
      *Address any concerns of the Secret Service Zone Agents or sweep teams
      *Possess ability and authority to remove or secure items of concern
      *Possess keys/codes to open any locked containers or structures

The meeting today was newsworthy – WJLA (Channel 7) had a camera crew and reporter on site, and produced a report which included statements from NUCA of DC members Victoria Leonard of Maliuna and Pedro Alfonso of DCI.  See the entire report at this link:


Emphasis was made at the meeting by several individuals that coordination and planning could have been better to minimize the negative economic impact to the contractors of Washington DC.  We will continue to pursue this issue, and work to to reduce the potential impacts of future suspensions of work for the utility contracting community of Metropolitan Washington.
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